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 jouer avec 2 comptes en meme temps

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MessageSujet: jouer avec 2 comptes en meme temps   Sam 25 Mar - 22:32

ATTENTION Exclamation Exclamation c'est baleze et c'est en anglais Exclamation

pour avoir le joli bien présenté: http://www.guildwarsguru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=70999

sinon tan pis le voila quand meme

**** EDITED ****

Last Updated: Feburary 9th 2006
Tutorial Version: 1.7
Level: Advanced

NOTE: This should not be attempted by anyone who is inexperienced, or un-sure..

regedit.exe (an inbuilt windows program for editing the registry)
a Hex Editor (I use XVI32 Version 2.31 - can be found via Google)
Guild Wars (© NCSoft and ArenaNet)


1) Make a second copy of Guild Wars (do NOT install again, just copy the Gw.exe from one folder, to another)

2) Rename your NEW copy of guild wars, so that the exe is named Gw2.exe

NOTE: You do NOT need to edit or touch your first copies exe at-all

3) Open up the HEX editor of your choice, and open Gw2.exe..

4) You need to use the "Find and Replace" option in the hex editor.. (in XVI32 its "Search > Replace")
-- Set it to 'Find' "Text String" and 'Replace with' "Text String" (all these settings are based on XVI32)
-- In the top box (Find), type "Guild Wars" (Without the Quotes)
-- In the bottom box (Replace with) type "Gu1ld W4rs" (Without the Quotes) (Or anything with the length of 10 characters INCLUDING spaces)
-- Now hit the "Replace All" button on the right..

NOTE: It should find and replace around 115 occurances (Could differ depending on Version, and if its just been udpated etc.. Im un sure..)

NOTE: You will have to copy Gw.exe to Gw2.exe and edit Gw2.exe after EVERY update, because it replaces the exe when you update..

5) Once you have replaced them, go to File > Save -- this will save it as Gw2.exe in the new folder..

NOTE: If it still has the normal GW icon, then you have edited it properly, If its a White BOX icon (Unknown) then you have edited it wrongly..
-- Delete Gw2.exe - Copy it over, and repeat the steps...

6) Now you need to make 2 '.reg' files. The easiest way of making these is..
-- go to "Start > Run", and type "regedit"
-- When that opens up, Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ArenaNet" and Right click on the ArenaNet folder (on the left), and click Export..
-- now choose a name and location to save the .reg file..

7) now, make a second copy of the .reg file we just made (You could repeat the above step to make the second copy)
-- Once you have 2 copies, name them something simple and easy like gw1.reg (for copy1) and gw2.reg (for copy2)
-- Now, Put the file for Copy 1, in your ORIGINAL Guild Wars Folder, and leave this alone...
-- Now put the file for Copy 2, in your NEW Guild Wars Folder.. This is the one we edit..

Cool Right click the .reg file for copy 2, and click edit...
-- Now, find the line that starts with "PATH"=" (Should look SIMILAR to this.. "Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Guild Wars\\Gw.exe")
-- Edit this line, to reflect the location of the SECOND copy of Guild Wars... (Example: "Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Guild Wars2\\Gw2.exe")
-- Now save it. (File > Save)

NOTE: the Double slash ( \\ ) is important, do NOT Forget to use double...

9) Open up your 2 Guild wars folders. and Double click gw1.reg - it will ask if you are sure.. click YES, now load Gw.exe (your FIRST/ORIGINAL Copy)
-- Now, go to your SECOND Guild Wars Location, and Double click gw2.reg -- Again, it will ask if you are sure.. click YES, now load Gw2.exe (your NEW/Edited Copy)

If you have done all the above steps properly, then you should now have 2 clients running...

LOADER: There is now a Loader, so you dont have to use the .reg files each time.. www.clanscf.com/downloads/GW_Loader.zip - Just place it anywhere, Point it to Gw.exe and Gw2.exe - and click Run, it will start them both up, editing the registry for you.. It saves the path locations in C:\gw.ini no matter where you place the loader..

NOTE: Whilst running 2 copies on the same PC, there may (some times) be some missplaced textures on some characters or landscape, this is (i am guessing) due to
a sharing violation on the gw.dat file, or it may just be a GFX driver issue, I am not 100% sure, either way, I thought i'd mention it..

NOTE: You need to run gw1.reg before you run your first copy of Guild Wars, and gw2.reg before your second copy..
If you ever try to run your first copy of Guild wars, and it asks you if you want to install to location etc... Just Close it, and run gw1.reg, and re-open it..
The same for your Second Copy..


I claim NO Responsibilty if you break your copy of Guild Wars, (hey, you can always just reinstall it)
Or... if either of your accounts get banned, As mentioned above, editing the GW client is maybe against the AUP and
therfore should not be attempted.. This method is however tried and tested, and works..


This post is here purely for educational purposes, So many people wondered if it was possible.. and it is...
so heres how I did it.. Many people have have asked me to do this for them, however since this would need doing
after each update (because the .exe changes each time) it would just be too much hassle...
Plus, I'd hav eto make 'an' exe available for download, which is distributing software, and is illegal..

This does NOT allow you to run 2 characters from a single account...

NOTE: Please do NOT Email me, asking for the hacked exe, Im NOT giving out the exe, for many, obvious reasons, This is why I wrote this brief tutorial so that you can attempt it yourselves, if you wish..


.reg file(s)
If you dont want to mess around in reg edit, and you know what your doing... You can use the lines below..

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Path"="E:\\Guild Wars\\Gw.exe"

Open up Notepad, Copy thoes lines, edit the "Path"=" line as described above for your first copy of Guild Wars, and save it in your Fisrt copy folder, with the
file extention .reg

Repeat the process for your second copy... you can then use thoes files..
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MessageSujet: Re: jouer avec 2 comptes en meme temps   Sam 25 Mar - 22:36

si quelqu'un veut se lancer dans la traduction je lui souhaite la bienvenue car c'est du boulot mais j'arrive quand meme a comprendre ....
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jouer avec 2 comptes en meme temps
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